commence / démarrons


  • Join MOOCs and DOCCs
  • Blog about MOOC and DOCC content
  • Connect with educators, thinkers, scholars, artists, unicorns
  • Lurk
  • Activate neurons
  • Percolate, create
  • Dance with Muses
  • Fly with faeries
  • Brainstorm, gestate, express
  • Write
  • Disseminate ideas


  • global, anti-racist, anti-sexist educator
  • perma-graduate student (B.A., B.Ed., and M.P.A., Rotary World Peace Alumni at Kokusai Kurisutokyou Daikaku/International Christian Univeristy in Tokyo); currently working on Master of Education in Distance Education and Master of Arts (French literature)
  • unicorn peacekeeper
  • intermediate and secondary school teacher (was) in Ontario, Canada and Japan
  • teacher (was) at School of Public Service
  • queen of faeries
  • researcher (was) in Morocco, Cameroon,
  • volunteer (was) in India
  • lurker and post-lurker in MOOCs, especially cMOOCs
  • independent dance and theatre artist – AM (last show:  Women in confinement/Le bagne des femmes)
  • feminist FOREVER
  • passenger on Bateaux Mouches circa 1997 while studying at Sorbonne in Paris
  • passenger on Bateau MOOC circa now
  • interests:  connectivism, eLearning, disability rights, gender issues, queer theory, post-/anti-colonialism, minority rights, Aboriginal traditional knowledge and issues, peace studies, feminisms, yoga, running, contact improvisation, modern and contemporary dance, systems thinking, everything

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